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How to choose a medical-grade oxygen concentrator? These factors are important

2021/10/11 13:40:46

Precautions for purchasing oxygen concentrator:

(1) Pay attention to the oxygen concentration/oxygen purity

When we purchase an oxygen concentrator, we must pay attention to the stable oxygen concentration/oxygen purity of the oxygen concentrator. This is a key factor in distinguishing the quality of an oxygen concentrator. According to the (China) State Food and Drug Administration's specification for oxygen concentrator, the oxygen concentration/oxygen purity of oxygen concentrators needs to be maintained at more than 90% in order to be considered a qualified product. Hacenor can meet this requirement.

(2) Pay attention to the stability of the oxygen concentrator

When many oxygen concentrators are first purchased, the oxygen concentration/oxygen purity is relatively stable and can reach more than 90%. However, after a period of use, the oxygen concentration/oxygen purity will decrease. In some oxygen concentrators the oxygen concentration/oxygen purity is higher in the first few hours of use, but will decrease in the later hours. For patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, they have to inhale oxygen for a long time every day, and the treatment effect will be compromised if the oxygen concentrator with unstable oxygen concentration/oxygen purity is used.

(3) Pay attention to accurate flow

In addition, when purchasing an oxygen concentrator, you also need to pay attention to the precise flow rate of the oxygen concentrator to ensure that the output value of the oxygen concentrator is accurate, and there should be no deviation, otherwise it will affect the use effect.

(4) Pay attention to noise

Some oxygen concentrators have relatively loud noises, resulting in poor experience during oxygen inhalation. Choosing a low-noise oxygen concentrator can improve the user's sense of experience, thereby helping users to adhere to long-term oxygen therapy and promoting physical health.

(5) See if there is medical device certification

Regardless of whether it is a household-grade or medical-grade oxygen concentrator, a medical device qualification certificate is required. When purchasing a product, you must look at the certificate. Hacenor has CE, ISO certificates.