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What is Hypoxic altitude training system?and what is the usage?

2021/12/23 13:52:04

                              HACENOR Oxygen systems for Hypoxic training

The generator is a device that uses only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, hypoxia. 

With hypoxia about 9%-15%,can be adjusted from sea level tover 5,000 meters,to simulate high altitude training.

Connect the machine to a breathing mask to power your workouts on a cycle trainer or treadmill.

This system represents the latest progress in the development of training technology. 

This most versatile system for simulating alpine training and exercise is especially suitable for personal home use and in professional sports centers and facilities. 

Professional and performance athletes and sports teams will also appreciate its quality. 

Through it, conditioned air from the generator is blown into a training breathing mask covering the athlete's nose and nose. 

It can be placed in any training facility and turns any training into training in an alpine environment!