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How do we train for a high-altitude game on flat ground?

2022/02/25 10:15:26

★ Create a new standard

First of all, don't take the high altitude race pace and finish time too seriously, it may put pressure on yourself, pay too much attention to the pace, you will feel frustrated when the speed slows down, just relax, it will be a race Your best high altitude event. The only thing that can be considered in such a competition is the environment and terrain of the event, and this is the part you need to adjust in training.

★ Simulated track and altitude

Olympic coaches Kevin and Keith Hanson's most famous training method is to let runners simulate any small detail on the track. Take the Boston Marathon as an example. They add downhill sections to their training, and the length is similar to the Boston Marathon track. Therefore, if trainers want to improve themselves, they should also study the altitude of the mountain they compete in, and then do specific training, training in similar mountains, or using machine simulation training.

★ Pay attention to the supply status at any time

In addition to eating a balanced diet during the season, it is important to add enough water and carbohydrates to prevent fatigue, dehydration and altitude sickness, which requires more supplements than usual. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can stress your body already under high altitude stress.

Hope the above will be helpful to every trainer.