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How to wash your pet in a right way

2022/04/12 14:04:09

First,Choose a suitable bathtub for your pet.How to choose it.You should consider the materials,size and height.The best materials is the 304 stainless steel.Qingdao Hinor medical company is specialized in pet medical manufacture for 16 years.We can supply different kinds of bathtub.Our bathtub is made of by a whole plate.Fully-welded of 1.2mm 304 stainless steel plate.equipped with Non-slip footwear and multi-fuction high pressure faucet and adjustable hot and cold water control faucet,this sink is particularly suitable for pet groomer shop.

How to wash your pet?

Some pets are afraid of the sound of running water,and you need to find a way to minimize the sound of running water.Take the collar off when bathing.Do not wear collar for 12 hours after pet has been bathed,as they will not only cause neck pain,but it will also make it difficult for the hair of neck to dry quickly.

Continue rinsing as long as you see dust or suds remaining in an area until it is completely removed.Foam that remains in the hair can cause redness,itching,irritated alopecia areata or other hazards.

If your dog's hair is very short,or if you want to dry it naturally,be sure to rub it a few times with a dry towel.if you have a double coat long haired dog,you'd better to choose a pet hair dry machine for it.

Automatic pet dryer room

Used for pets drying and air-shower

Infrared care, Ozone Sterilization

26 wind outlets, fast to dry

LCD control screen, 3 wind settings ajustable

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