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Hypoxic Generator Altitude Training


Oxygen Flow Rate: 1 to 5 LPM

Hypoxic flow rate: 20 to 30 LPM

Oxygen Concentration: 90%+/-3%

Hypoxic Purity: 12-15%

Weight: 8KG


The generator is a portable device that uses only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, low oxygen air. Connect machine to a breathing mask to power your workouts on a cycle trainer or treadmill.Connect it to our snowcap sleep canopy to sleep at high altitude. The machine can be adjusted from sea level to over 3000 meters. This system represents the latest progress in the development of training technology. This most versatile system for simulating alpine training and exercise is especicaly suitable for personal home use and professional sports centers and facilities. Professional and performance athletes and sports teams will also apprecoate its quality. Through it, conditioned air from the generator is blown into a training breathing facility and turns any training into training in an alpine environment.

On/off buttonTimer function
LED screenControl valve
High oxygen outletHypoxic outlet
Humidification bottleFlow meter


Oxygen flow rate1 to 5LPM
Hypoxic flow rate20 to 30LPM
Oxygen high purity40%~90% adjustable
Hypoxia purity12%~15%
OEM serviceAccept
Warranty18 months

Suitable for us at home, gym or sports training centerHelp prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike
Enouage the body to produce more red blood cellsImprove musculae endurance

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The number of red blood cells in the blood increases

The kidneys and liver (mainly the kidneys) secrete erythropoietin (EPO), which accelerates the production of red blood cells and enhances blood carry over and oxygen capacity. After simulating altitude training, the deformability of red blood cells is increased, thereby avoiding an increase in blood viscosity due to an increase in the number of red blood cells and maintaining good blood flow.


The ability to exchange oxygen in the lungs is enhanced

When the human body is on the plateau, it will increase the breathing rate to inhale more oxygen. The expansion of the telangiectus of the lungs increases the contact area for gas exchange, so that hemoglobin can be more efficiently loaded into the lungs.


Myocardial function is enhanced

People on the plateau know that the heart rate will be significantly higher than the plains some days before the plateau. This is due to the low air density, which requires pumping more blood to use as much oxygen as the plain. After a period of simulated altitude training, myocardial function will be enhanced and the heart pumping capacity will be enhanced. At the same heart rate, more blood can be output

Vascular changes

The vasodilation makes it possible to pass more blood, which is equivalent to widening the lane. Increased capillary network in skeletal muscle. The density of capillaries in the skeletal muscle is increased, allowing more oxygen to reach the muscle cells, oxidizing, and generating the energy needed for exercise



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