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The role of oxygen concentrators during the COVID-19 outbreak

2021/11/08 13:21:42

Why is the oxygen concentrator important?

Oxygen is a therapeutic medical gas that can save lives. It is often used to treat patients with severe pneumonia and other respiratory diseases (such as coronavirus disease).

The oxygen concentrator is an electric medical device that first inhales air, removes nitrogen, and then generates a continuous source of oxygen, and delivers concentrated oxygen in a controlled manner to patients who need respiratory support. The oxygen generator also has the advantage of convenient transportation, which brings convenience to users and medical and health workers. One oxygen concentrator can supply oxygen to two adults and five children at the same time.

The oxygen generator can support the treatment of severely ill patients with COVID-19. In the long term, it can also help treat childhood pneumonia (one of the main causes of death in children under five) and hypoxemia (an important sign of patient death).

Approximately 15% of COVID-19 patients are classified as "severe" and require oxygen therapy, that is, the continuous delivery of oxygen from the nostrils. Usually oxygen is supplied through an oxygen concentrator combined with a nasal cannula, which can be used for primary care or the initial referral level of the medical and health system.

Oxygen can also help with various medical emergencies, such as emergency obstetric (birth) care, surgery, and anesthesia.