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What is an oxygen dome facial treatment?

2021/11/19 13:55:12

HACENOR Oxygen Dome Facial Therapy

HACENOR oxygen facial dome therapy is an advanced skin treatment now. A professional model with high pressure,digital flowmeter,anti-fire cabinet,caler baked color,timing function.

Mainly focus on people's facial and skin problem:Anti-wrinkle,Acne Treatment, Dark Circles, Pigment,etc.

Four functions:Oxygen Infusion,Oxygen Spray by airbrush,Oxygen inhalation,Aroma treatments.the effect is amazing with the use of cosmetics.

Oxygen airbrush using in spa,salon.

Facial infusion is used on the face, neck, body, hair.

Esthetician‘s use clinical grade skin care or professional grade skin care products.

It is recommended to perform 6-7 times (once a week).

Each session takes 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the region.

After the treatment cycle is over, it is recommended to have a course of treatment every 4-6 weeks to keep up.

step 1. Clean skin

step 2. Oxygen or spray essence with oxygen

step 3. Oxygen inhalation with full face mask

Normally, each step takes 15-20 minutes according to the skin area.

This oxygen facial treatment is designed to nourish your skin and promote the growth of collagen.

After connecting the high-oxygen oxygen generator, there are skin care products of different types of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, etc., and oxygen molecules are sprayed into the outer layer of your skin through an airbrush or injection gun.

Many female stars are using this skin care to make their skin smoother and fuller.