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Air Compressor nebulizer

Medical grade 

Adopt high efficient oil free pump

Low noise

Fast heat dissipation


The medical compressor nebulizer system is a medical device to deliver medicine prescribed by a physician to the airway of lungs.

The nebulizer and air compressor provides and aerosol mist for inhalation by the patient for medical treatment only.Also called jet type atomization,according to the venturi injection principle,the compressor air is used to form a high speed airflow through the small nozzle,and the generated negative pressure drives the liquid or other fluid to be sprayed onto the barrier together,splashing around at high speed.Making droplets into misty particles ejected from the outlet pipe.

Inhalation therapy has a direct and rapid effect:the drug can directly reach the affected site and contact with the lesion tissue,the contact area is large(the total number of human alveoli reaches 280 million,the total area of 50-90 square meters)and the drug contact area is wide,that is the local play an unusually strong therapeutic role,inhaled drug fog directly on the surface of the airway,eliminating.

The air compression nebulizer has the advantage of convenience,no pain,remarkable curative effect,and small side effects.The products is simple and convinent to operate,and the treatment effect is first class,Air compression nebulizer,compressor made of energy-savning and low noise patented technology(about 65 decibels)

using compressor by antibacterial cotton base net filtration of the clean air compressed into a powerful jet mouth gush out impulse potions the liquid inside the cup,the potion gasification again by the mist jet for nose and mouth to suction mouth,because the medicine mist with fine particles,easy to go deep into the lungs through breath,the blood capacity and low dose,suitable for human body directly is to improve the curative effect,speed up the recovery,to improve health care products.


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